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Review : Eco Natural Products


Big changes have been happening in the cosmetic world.  Nowadays, people seem to be more conscious about what they put on their skin and what goes into making the product.


I, for one, think that it’s really important to pay attention to the ingredients and was therefore delighted when I got the opportunity to review the products stocked at  Eco Natural Products . The company is dedicated to providing natural and organic products and they offer a very wide range. You can get anything from Aleppo soap to eyeshadow and blush.


The trickiest part was selecting the samples to try. Like I said, there is so much to choose from! After much deliberation, I decided to go for the monoi-scented Savon de Marseille , the Natura Siberica “Vivid Vitamins” for hair and body, the  Dizao Organics lip balm in Cherry Blossom  and the Bania Agafya “Instantaneous” hair mask.






When I was younger, I used to go to the south of France for the summer. There was a market every Saturday morning and I can still remember the captivating smell as I walked past the soap stand.This explains my choice to try the Savon de Marseille. But another difficulty I was faced with was which scent to choose? There are so many to choose from and each and everyone of them sounds amazing. After what seemed like an eternity, I narrowed it down to 6 scents: cherry, lily of the valley, monoi, coconut, almond and lilac. Considering I’ve been dreaming of lying on a beach somewhere in the sun for about a month now, I thought it best to try the monoi scent. Best decision ever! (although the other scents probably would have been just as lovely!). In addition to be  being environmentally friendly and free from animal products, Savon de Marseille is also moisturizing as it contains shea butter. And I have to say that my skin feels incredibly soft after using it!




vivid vitamins


The second product I tried was the Natura Siberica ‘Vivid Vitamins” for hair and body. This is a moisturizing spray that is applied to damp or dry hair and body.  The formula is lightweight and absorbs quite quickly into the skin. It’s more of a pump than a spray and the texture is a bit gel-like . After the product absorbed, my skin did feel significantly smoother and softer. And the smell is divine but quite distinct so it might not appeal to everybody.




Dizao lipbalm


The Dizao Organics lip balm is definitely my favorite of the products I tried! The texture is incredible (really moisturizing) and the color pigment is very strong so a little goes a long way! Again, there is a very wide range of colors to choose from so that was the most difficult bit when choosing which one to review. I went for the Cherry Blossom one in the end as I loved the color. And what I was most impressed by was the staying power. I didn’t have to reapply it all day!




hair mask


Last but not least, there’s the Bania Agafya hair mask. My hair (especially the ends) is very dry from years and years of using either a curling iron or a straightener so I felt like this was an obvious choice. What I liked most about this product is that it’s made with 100% natural ingredients. And the smell was really lovely too. After using it once, my hair was softer to touch and easier to untangle but I imagine it’s the type of product you need to use regularly in order to really get the full benefits and prevent damaged ends.



So to conclude, I was really impressed with the online store, regarding both the wide range and the customer service. The products were delivered very quickly. My favorite products are the Dizao lip balm and the Savon de Marseille soap so I will definitely be ordering them again soon. I was also deeply impressed with the Natura Siberica brand. I had heard of it before but had never tried their products. And now that I have, I’m kicking myself for not having done it sooner so I might try some of their other products like the sculpting cold mask or the nourishing body butter to prevent future kicking!


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16 responses to “Review : Eco Natural Products”

  1. These look amazing! Do they do an anti-ageing range?

    • They do an anti-wrinkle range (here). They also have a restorative eye cream (here) and a lifting eye cream (here). They also have a lifting neck and decolletage range (here) that looks really good. The products I tested were amazing and the delivery was really fast so I highly recommend it ! Hope you find something that suits you ! :) Xx

  2. Awesomeness. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day!

    Eye See Euphoria | http://blog.eyeseeeuphoria.com/2016/02/17/emilliopucci2016campaign/

  3. Ooo that vital vitamins spray sounds like a total treat :) I prefer natural products too, at least then you know they are all goodness

    Rachel xx

    • It really is ! It’s so luxurious!! Me too it’s so much better to know what’s in the products you put on your skin! :) xx

  4. I totally agree, I want to make the switch

  5. lena says:

    LOVE everything natural, have to check these products out!

  6. Yasmin says:

    I’m totally obsessed with specialty soaps. They make the bath experience so much more luxurious and also make your skin oh so soft.

    xx Yasmin

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