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March Wishlist

March wishlist


The only reason I like March is because April is just around the corner, aka nicer weather and longer days ! With this in mind, my March favorites are essentially things I would wear in April or May (preparation is key!).

I’ve always loved the all denim look and that includes a denim jacket (here). I practically live in it, until it eventually gets so warm that a jacket is no longer needed (can’t wait!!!).

And as much as I love neutral tones, I also love a vibrant red or coral nail polish like this Bobbi Brown one (here), especially in the summer when it pops even more against sun-kissed skin!

I also love using highlighter when I have a slight tan (or burn in my case) and my favorites include Guerlain’s Météorites pearls powder (here) and Bobbi Brown’s highlighting powder (here).

But I’m really sun conscious because of my very fair (and easily burnt) skin so a hat, like this one (here),  is also one of my essentials when the sun decides to finally make an appearance.

Another thing that’s going to be needed this summer as I far as I’m concerned is a long skirt (here) as I’ve managed to cut my leg quite badly. And the sun is enemy number one for a not-to-noticeable scar right? But as least the skirt is cute so that makes it better!

One of my resolutions for this year was to (finally) learn how to walk in heels. I feel like these J. Crew heels (here) are the perfect height to do just that! Then again, I might fall over and hurt my leg even more… I might need to think this one through..

But a bag can’t possibly hurt me! And this one (here), also from J. Crew coincidentally, is the perfect shade of blue to make any outfit pop!

And finally, I’ve wanted to get a Lokai bracelet (here) for a while now so I thought I’d include one in my wishlist. It represents harmony and balance in a life made of highs and lows.



28 responses to “March Wishlist”

  1. Carmen says:

    Haha I love your style! I hope you’ll work it out with walking in high heels:) These J.Crew heels are definitively worth it😍 I also love the rest of your little wishlist:)
    Have a great one, xx, Carmen – http://carmitive.com

  2. Yasmin says:

    Love those striped heels and that blue bucket bag!

    xx Yasmin

  3. Siffat Haider says:

    Loving the bucket bag!

  4. Whit says:

    Everything is so cute! I want that denim jacket!!!



  5. Prudence says:

    Love the stripe heels, very striking design!


  6. lena says:

    Absolutely love your choice dear!

  7. Lili says:

    Great wish list! I think the block heels are pretty easy to walk in compared to others. And I hope you leg gets better soon.

  8. I want everything on your wish list. Love everything you picked out.

  9. Bash Harry says:

    Wonderful wish list! Especially since Spring is just around the corner! I would love to get a leather jacket for spring. Lokai bracelets are so popular right now! <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  10. Such a great post and list hun! I love the hat and floral skirt!

  11. These are gorgeous items! Wishlist worthy for sure!

  12. Diami says:

    Looooove them shoes !
    can’t get enough of stripes…

  13. Rshan Phonsi says:

    The handbag just made it on my wishlist too…its veyr beautifulll.


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