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Live Like a Local: Edinburgh

My goal this year was to have fun and travel as much as possible.. and also get my degree. One of the places I visited was Edinburgh. I went there with a friend in November and absolutely loved it! I always knew I would though! There are so many places I love that  I’ve never been to: Japan, Australia, Greece, Fiji.. The list goes on.  And Edinburgh didn’t disappoint !




The one thing I loved the most about this city is the gothic feel it had to it. It might sound bad but it really was wonderful as you could easily imagine how life used to be there a century ago! The dark stone makes the whole place look like it is out of a fairy tale (or at least Grimm’s fairy tales)! And I highly recommend doing a ghost tour as they take you to through the cemetery and underground so it’s a really fun way to visit the town and hear horror (and true) stories!




As always, I just have to try the food when I visit a new place! And it was amazing! This cake was from a place called “The Milkman” and we stumbled upon it whilst walking down the street. As it turns out, they had just opened the day before! And yes, the cake was as delicious as it looks!




After an meal of haggis (for my friend) and burger (for me), we headed opposite the restaurant to a cute little coffee shop for desert! I had a decadent  hot chocolate whilst my friend had a more reasonable cappuccino and we also shared a piece of chocolate cake! So basically, the food in Edinburgh is amazing!





On the second day, we decided to act (and look) like complete tourists and hopped on a bus tour! I don’t usually like these as I feel that they barely scratch the surface and only show you what tourists see or want to see as opposed to the real city. But I was pleasantly surprised as we saw a lot of the big monuments in a record amount of time, and considering we didn’t have much, that was a good thing! If I had been there for longer, I probably would have done the bus tour to see what was worth visiting and then gone back to my favorite places for a more in depth visit.





Honestly, my favorite think to do when I go to a new city is just walk around to soak up the atmosphere! And Edinburgh is such an amazing city for that as it’s so rich in history and so beautiful! There’s an old town and a new town, both completely different but great. For shopping, I recommend going to the new town. But if you’re looking for souvenirs and scarfs or blankets, then the old town is your best bet (so many scarf shops!!).





Finally, a trip the Edinburgh isn’t complete without a visit of the castle! This was my favorite part of the trip as I’ve always loved history. I did the audio guide tour and it was really interesting so, if you’re a history-addict like me, I highly recommend it!

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  1. Anita says:

    Edinburgh is on my wishlist! Thank you for sharing! xo Anita

    IG/FB/Twitter/Pinterest @siammpatra

  2. Nathalie says:

    Wow!!! So beautiful! It will be for sure on my TO Visit list!


  3. This drinks look so good! beautiful photos

  4. Beautiful photos and lots of interesting information.

    Edinburgh is on my bucket list now! :)


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