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Live like a local : Dublin

The first thing I did after finding out that I was going to spend my year abroad in Dublin was listen to any song mentioning Ireland or just basically reminding me of Ireland. I first went to Dublin for my 16th birthday and fell in love with this beautiful country.

When I moved into my flat in September, little did I know what spending a year there would do for my waistline. I quickly discovered amazing coffee shops such as Eathos or Queen of Tarts. And when the dreary weather literally pushes you into a cake shop, what’s a girl to do.

Speaking of the weather, I was actually pleasantly surprised, that was until mid-November when it started pouring it down. And the wind .. I’ve never seen anything like that. But at least the grass is definitely green!

When it comes to must-sees, I would have to say Trinity College , Croke park, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Phoenix Park (so many deer !! ) and St Stephen’s Green.


Flying into Dublin at night is one of the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see if, like me, you get overwhelmed on planes. I just find that seeing everything from above really gives you a new perspective on things.


St Patrick's Cathedral

St Patrick’s Cathedral  is the main thing I remember from my first visit to Dublin 5 years ago and is definitely a must-see.



This picture was taken when I went up to Howth for the day. I highly recommend going there, especially if you like to hike. But even if you don’t, it’s such a beautiful coastal village and it’s a great day out!

Stephen's Green Shopping centre

Hard to believe that this is a shopping centre but it is (Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre) !


Matcha Latte

Matcha lattes are all the rave this year and this one from Eathos is particularly good !

Queen of Tarts

A good place to gain 5 kg in Dublin is Queen of Tarts ! But it’s oh-so-worth it as the food is beyond delicious !


I took this picture of Herbert park on my way to an exam just before Christmas ! I definitely recommend getting up early to catch the beautiful sunrises one often sees in Dublin !

Healthy brownie

With so many great places to eat, how is one supposed to stay in shape ? Thankfully, this brownie is healthy (yes really !!). It’s a Bounty Bar brownie from Alchemy Juice and they even gave me the free milkshake shot to wash it down with!


Avocado toast

I had exams just before Christmas and was therefore eager to find a quiet place to study. My wish was granted when I discovered  HappyFood ! This vegan restaurant is part of  YogaHub , (which is a yoga studio), and makes exceptionally good avocado toast !!


Croke park

Croke Park is a must-see for any sports fan and it’s where I saw my first Gaelic football match !


Avocado toast

Eathos also does a delicious avocado toast !

Matcha latte

My obsession with matcha lattes may have gotten a tad out of hand …

Trinity College Library

The Trinity College Library is a must-see when visiting Dublin! I went there when my friend came to see me for the week and was absolutely blown away by how impressive it is.


Trinity College Dublin

Another shot of Trinity College, just because it’s so beautiful !



This one is for pancake lovers ! When my friend told me about this great place in Dublin for pancakes, I was all ears ! Since I’m obsessed with pancakes, I decided to try it as soon as possible and was not disappointed. Goose on the loose is the place to go to if you want fluffy pancakes and great service !


Chai latte

A delicious chai latte from Alchemy Juice.

Phoenix park

For nature-lovers, Phoenix park is a must-see!

Gluten free cakes

If this post has managed to say anything, it’s that I’m a big foodie ! Whilst trying to find another good place to study and eat, I discovered Wall and Keogh which is a great tea shop ! And it has a great selection of gluten-free cakes !


I took this picture on my way to UCD (University College Dublin), in Milltown.


Buckweat pancakes

Like any self-respecting pancake lover, I always go for this when trying out a new restaurant ! This beautiful (and delicious) stack of buckwheat pancakes is from Eathos. Yes,I’m a bit obsessed with this restaurant !


Dublin Zoo

I went to the Dublin Zoo during my first month in Ireland with a friend. Normally, I don’t particularly like zoos as I find that they can be a bit cruel. But this one is quite keen on conservation and giving the animals proper space. And I just had to take this pictures as I love giraffes !!

Phoenix park

This is the Wellington monument in Phoenix park. It’s great to go there on a sunny day and just read a book on the steps or play football on the grass.

Phoenix park

Another picture of Phoenix park.



20 responses to “Live like a local : Dublin”

  1. Beautiful photos and the food looks amazing!

    I will have to put Dublin on my list of places to visit :)


  2. Maggie says:

    What gorgeous photos!! I need to make it to Dublin!


  3. sammie says:

    Fabulous impressions of a wonderful city :) I guess that resisting to all these sweet temptations can be hard at times. Cakes are just way too tasty to just leave them aside haha :)


  4. danielle says:

    this makes me want to go to dublin more than i already wanted to, you’re so lucky to be living there for a year!


    • You should come, it’s amazing and the people are so nice !! I wish I could stay for longer than a year !! :) Xx

  5. Nina_TBR says:

    I want to spend at least few days in Dublin – sounds like better than city of angels. 😉

    TBR Blog

  6. Yasmin says:

    My friend Laila just moved to Dublin for medical school. I’ll have to ask her about these places! She’s always going on about the food and how fun it is. Looks incredible! I have to visit her soon.

    xx Yasmin

    • That’s so great !! I agree with her on the food and the fun! It really is a wonderful city and I highly recommend you visiting her ! :) Xx

  7. Emma says:

    In love with that post dear!

  8. Lucía says:

    I absolutely love Dublin, I can’t wait to go! This post has been so inspiring, now I want to go even more than I wanted to before! Thank you for sharing, I’ll definitely stop at more than one of the places you’ve mentioned :) Kisses! xx

  9. Siffat Haider says:

    Your pictures are beautiful enough to make me want to book a flight to Dublin right now!

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