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Inspiration: All about the lips



Even though the eyes are the “window to the soul”, it’s nice to focus on the lips sometimes. I particularly love a bold lip look. Especially if it’s paired with very little eye makeup as to not divert attention from the beautifully made up pout.

When attempting to do a bold lip look, it’s important to even out the complexion. My skin definitely isn’t perfect but I think the most important thing is to look glowing but not shiny. I like this foundation from Bobbi Brown (here) as it’s not too sticky but gives a luminous finish.

As for the lashes, they need to be long and defined but not overly full. This mascara by Gucci (here) should do the trick!

I love a strong brow but more importantly, a defined brow! I find that plucking a few hairs does wonders to my overall look! And then I usually fill out any “holes” with an eyebrow pencil like this one (here).

For the nails, I love neutral tones. They are quick to apply and chips don’t show as much as with bright shades. This one from Essie (here) is definitely one of my must-haves!

And finally for the lips, I absolutely adore this Givenchy limited edition lipstick (here)! I find that it’s the perfect red/pink ratio to suit any skin tone and make any makeup look pop!




4 responses to “Inspiration: All about the lips”

  1. Maggie says:

    Great post!! I’ve recently been getting into strong lips and I’m kind of loving it!


  2. Sarah says:

    Love the inspiration behind this post! I’m on a make-up free challenge, but when I do want a little colour on my face, I love a red lip (from an animal-cruelty free brand ofc!)

    Pop over to my blog :)


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