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15 Wardrobe essentials

Wardrobe essentials

1. A plain white tee
Where can you go wrong with a simple white tee? You can dress it up or down which makes for the perfect wardrobe staple. It can be paired with absolutely everything and is the perfect canvas upon which to style your look.

Helmut Lang T-Shirt

2. The perfect pair of jeans
They can be tricky to find but when you do find them, it’s truly worth it. I came across my favourite pair whilst shopping in American Eagle Outfitters two years ago. I also recommend Topshop (who wouldn’t?). I’ve had a pair for about five years now and they’re still good as new.

Topshop Jeans

3. Pencil skirt
My best friend was complaining the other day about her inexistant waist. She looks sickeningly perfect if you ask me but this goes to show that every one has insecurities. Anyway, I told her that a pencil skirt gives you that perfect hourglass figure every woman longs for.

French Connection Pencil Skirt

4. Nude high heels
More often that not, women also want to appear elevated. This phenomenon is most likely linked to all the beautiful, tall, lean models we see in magazines. Unfortunately, not everyone looks as statuesque as they do and so we, mere mortals, have to fake it by wearing nude high heels which will give us the appearance of having legs for days.

LK Bennet Heels

5. Ballet pumps
I have a fairly high number of ballet flats in my shoe cupboard. But in complete honesty, I always feel as snug as a bug in a rug when I slip into these cosy pumps. And I don’t care how man-repelling they are, they are still, by far, my favourite. I mean some things are just beyond male understanding. Anyway, big changes have been afoot in the slip-on-shoe department for a while now and I couldn’t be happier to see the return of the loafer.

Repetto Ballerines

Carvela Loafers

6. Leather jacket
I should admit to having the teensiest bit of an obsession with leather jackets. Every girl should own at least one good leather jacket but I think after a certain number, it becomes truly ridiculous. I would be in that category. Of, course I have favourites and so every morning, it’s like a relive of Sophie’s choice as I try to decide between my Maje perfecto and my Mickael Kors hoodie. I realize that such a trivial matter should not be the main subject of a sartorial dilemma but what’s a girl to do?

Claudie Pierlot perfecto

Karren Millen Leather Jacket

7. Wool coat
When the first chills of autumn come, a girl has to face the fact that she can no longer sacrifice her health in the name of fashion. But there’s no need to lock yourself up for fear of not being stylish enough. A wool coat is the answer. It looks amazing AND it keeps you warm(ish) and snug.

Max Mara Coat

Max Mara Coat

8. Trench
There’s a reason Burberry is now one of the leading houses in the fashion world: a perfectly tailored trench. It makes any laid-back outfit look instantly chicer. And a raincoat is always useful where I live!

Burberry trench

9. A black cardigan
The classic black cardigan has always been a favourite of mine. It’s ridiculously simple and yet oh-so-chic!

Marc Jacobs cardigan

10. LBD
The little black dress is an iconic piece in every woman’s closet. A great man once said, “One is never over-dressed or underdressed in a Little Black Dress” (Karl Lagerfeld).

Needle & Thread Black dress

11. A black bag
I invested in a Mulberry black bag last year and it was certainly worth it. I’ve used it countless times due to the fact that it goes with absolutely everything!

Saint Laurent bag

Givenchy bag

12. A colourful bag
I have a beautiful but tiny bright green Coast bag and even though it’s highly impractical, it was truly worth every penny as it makes any colourless and dull outfit pop in an instant.

Saint Laurent bag

Anya Hindmarch bag

13. A blazer
Elle Woods sure knew what she was doing! I’m often seen as quite ditzy but put me in a blazer and I look about ten times smarter.

Saint Laurent blazer

14. A marinière (Breton striped T-shirt)
Coco Chanel was truly ingenious for transforming this military attire into a fashion must-have. You can’t go wrong with a piece like this as it can be paired with pretty much anything.

Enza Costa top

Kain Cropped top

15. Ankle boots
I don’t know what I would do without my suede ankle boots. They are now a must-have thanks to Isabel Marant.

Isabel Marant ankle boots

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